June 24, 2015


These are real life transformation stories of people on my team and people that I have worked with who are just like you!  They are also shining examples of the type of accountability partners you can have when you join our awesome community or support!  Just CONTACT ME for more details on how you can get started, join a challenge group for support and motivation, and have an amazing transformation of your own!

Colin Brown

I used to be in great shape in my twenties, but my education and a stubborn injury got in the way. I tore my rotator cuff a few years ago and shortly after started my clinical rotations for my final year of veterinary school. So, my health and fitness were put on hold. My diet suffered as a consequence, and I just let myself go. I used to be proud of my body, but I got to the point where I hated the way I felt and looked. I never wanted to take my shirt off anymore. When I sat down I could feel all the extra fat around my midsection and love handles. I hated it. I had gone from fit and healthy to ….

Caitlyn Fowler

I have lost over 21 inches and almost 10lbs from head to toe in the past 5 months. I needed something I could honestly do at home in little time. After having 2 young kids I was so lost on how to get back into shape. I had NO time for the gym. I had 2 kids who hated the running stroller and long stroller rides! I had NO time or extra money for a yearly gym pass and was at a loss! Then I found 21DF. Seemed too good to be true. I knew it would be work. I knew I needed to get my grazing eating habits in check and dial in my health and fitness. I dedicated my heart and soul to this lifestyle change. I gave it 100% for 21 day in a row. My results were SO incredible I couldn’t stop…. I have adapted 21DF as a lifestyle. I don’t use the word “diet”. This is my LIFESTYLE and I love it. I’ve never felt better. I’m in the best shape of my life as a 33 year old mother of 2. I never thought I could look like this…. Now I can’t ever imagine NOT looking like this. ”


The coaching opportunity that I came across just a few short months ago has been completely life altering, mentally, physically AND financially! I had been dieting and trying to run 5k races a year ago and I ended up doing okay with losing weight, but the energy I never had held me back. I lived paycheck to paycheck and ended up moving into my first apartment to prove to myself that I can hack it on my own. Shortly after signing my lease, I signed up to become a Beachbody coach. After drinking Shakeology and doing rounds of Brazil Butt Lift and The 21 Day Fix, I dropped inches and felt so amazing! Like I could take on the World! I’ve NEVER had abs or a booty and after a few short workouts I felt like I saw my body morph and just shrink! I was able to knock off 6 minutes from last year’s race pace and the whole run I just felt incredible mainly due to my nutrition, my workouts and of course Shakeology. In just over 2.5 months I have also managed to earn $1,500 and have gotten my trip to Cancun through Beachbody PAID FOR! All this really since February and it’s like I’m dreaming! I walk taller, smile, and I’m just overall HAPPY, which I didn’t have for a very long time. Now I own it and rock it!

Kristen Marshall

I knew after having baby #2 that I was going to need a fitness program that fit into my even busier life! I researched the 21 day fix program and committed to starting it as soon as I was medically cleared at 6 weeks post partum & have never looked back! I lost the rest of my baby weight (10lbs & 13 inches) and felt more toned all over. MOST important of all- I felt crazy energized, which is invaluable with a newborn and toddler at home! Now it’s not a matter of just 21 days, it’s become a healthy habit that I’ve been able to incorporate into my entire family’s life. Follow Kristens journey as a FIT MOMMA of 2 on her Facebook page here–> https://www.facebook.com/kristenrosemarshall

Heather Svihl

Weight has been something I have struggled with for years. As a young child, I was made fun of. By the time I hit high school I became comfortable with who I was. In 2014, I weighed 225 wore a size 20-22. I decided to get healthy after attending a diabetes management class with my dad in which I found out that I was a high-risk of getting diabetes because it ran in my family and because I was over weight. Here I am a year later. I now way 178 pounds and wear a size 12-14. I started with working on doing a 30 Day AB Challenge then I switched to eating healthier. After several rounds of 21 Day Fix I added Shakeolgy into my journey. I have also done a few P90x workouts. My changes have not only been physical but mental as well. I am comfortable for the first time in years to wear a bikini. I have stepped out of my comfort zone to share my story and inspire others. “ Follow Heather’s journey over on her fan page at www.facebook.com/heathershealthandfitness

Ania Nokes Belt

I have had trouble with my weight most of my life. After being diagnosed with PCOS in my early 20s, gaining and losing weight have been a constant battle. Before starting with Shakeology and Beachbody I was always SO tired, unmotivated, clothes were not enjoyable to wear. I was sick and exhausted of this struggle I had been dealing with for YEARS! I have done programs such as 21 Day Fix (several rounds), worked with Debbie Siebers’ program, and currently doing PiYo. I still have a long way to go, but for once in my life I feel secure that I can achieve it. No more giving up after not seeing results quick. These things take time, especially doing it in a healthy manner. First photo 11/14 and second photo is current June 2015.

Jenni Smith

Shakeology, portion fix meal plan, and numerous programs smile emoticon Hard to think of what hasn’t changed in the last year. I went from a depressed and anxious young professional who had extreme self esteem problems and felt completely lost to a confident woman. I now love my body, I’m stronger then I have ever been (SO many PR’s this last year), I’m no longer on medication for depression, I’m not exhausted all of the time, and I have a new found passion for health and fitness.

Genevieve Bingham

First round of 21 day fix and Shakeology!

Chris Hazen

12 months, 70lbs, 10 inches on the waist. 365 days of Shakeology. 2 rounds T25, 1 round Body Beast, 1 round of Insanity, Half Marathon in under 2 hours when it used to take me 14 minutes for a mile.

Tracey Zusman

After one baby, I was able to get back into reasonable shape, but I wasn’t quite happy with where I was when I got pregnant again with baby number two! I’ve heard lots of rumors about how hard it is to lose the baby weight especially after number two and how as you get old your metabolism slows down etc. I didn’t want to struggle with this so I worked hard withe he 21dayfix/shakeology program throughout my pregnancy and beyond and have been so happy with the results!


21 day fix extreme and countdown to competition eating plan! it was so hard to stick to the meal plan but the results were so worth it! I didn’t even weigh myself at the end because I didn’t care about the weight, the progress pictures show all!

Jade Harris

No weight loss. Just inches. I am now more positive, I love mornings, I love Mondays, I have more motivation, I’m more social and confident, and I’m happier now.

Rachel Reyes

From unhappy, unhealthy, stressed, insecure, not setting the best example for my kids, living pay check to paycheck, not sure who I was or my purpose…. to confident, proud, full of energy, strong inside and out, happy, setting the best example that I can for my 4 children, financially stable, paying off debt, saving….I have found who I am and what my purpose is in life. I love inspiring others to believe in themselves! If I can do it so CAN they!

Cathy Bohdan

These are from when I started my first challenge till today. I’m down 11lbs and 7 inches total

Lauren Cronin

70 pounds down, 4 pant sizes, lost count of the inches lost. confidence, pride, and a whole lotta self love gained smile emoticon smile emoticon. 21DF and 21DFX with shako

Kylee Ormesher

I’ve lost 25 pounds and over 9 inches. I gained 100 lbs from my pregnancy but plateaued at 176. Currently weigh 151. I can’t get over all the self confidence I have now! Not because people compliment me and I love sharing my story to them, but because I believe in myself now and this program gave me that! Being a mom, full time student, and working 3 jobs, I thought it would be impossible to eat healthy and lose weight, but 21 day fix made it so easy for me!!

Larissa Williams

6 years ago, 2 years ago, 3 weeks ago😁 can’t stress enough how important TIME and CONSISTANCY is along with being REALISTIC with yourself and expectations!

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