This recipe saved my butt tonight!  I often get late night cravings for junk food and my girlfriend arrived home tonight, after visiting her family, with chocolates and other treats.  We had a few bites and put the chocolate away but once you get that craving it’s hard to get it to go away.  So this is what I do when I have late night cravings….I go through my Shakeology recipes until I find one that jumps out at me!  As soon as I saw this one I immediately threw the ingredients in the blender and made a nice thick Banana Cream Pie Shakeology!  I love Banana Cream Pie and this tasted very similar and really hit the spot.  My cravings were gone and only 300 calories!  Now that might sound like a lot but it’s a lot less than a big slice of banana cream pie and a heck of a lot less than if I would have binged and gave into my cravings.  Plus, this recipe made about 1 liter (4 cups) of shake in the blender so you could easily half the recipe and still eradicate that craving.


Banana Cream Pie Shakeology




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