August 11, 2015

What does it COST to be a Coach?

Beachbody Coach Cost

  • There is a one time fee of $39.95 USD ($49.95 CAD) to become a Beachbody coach.  This is not a yearly or reoccurring fee.  You can get that $40 fee waived if you sign up with a challenge pack or you or your spouse is active military, then that fee is waived! (I can explain those options in more depth if you contact me).
  • A monthly business fee of $15.95 USD ($17.95 CAD).   This covers your websites, access to your Coach Online Office, and all the wonderful things that Beachbody deals with so you don’t have to, such as customer service, payroll, shipping, ordering, returns, etc.  Beachbody gives you three canned websites where you can do some minor personalization.  One site is a Beachbody coach site, one is a specialized Shakeology site (only available for sale through the Team Beachbody Coach network) and the third is your Ultimate Reset Site.  I have decided to create my own website and blog to share my experiences but it is not required.
  • There is also an option to be a Club Member (and have access to Beachbody on Demand) that costs $2.99 a week and is billed quarterly. I consider the Club Membership as a cost of doing business, because in order to qualify for the customer lead program, one of the requirements for a Coach is to be a Club Member.  Some Coaches don’t like this, but to me $2.99 a week is a small price to have customers placed in my business.  And plus, the Beachbody on Demand is awesome!
  • To remain an active coach you need to have a Personal Volume (PV) of 50 points per month (this equates to approximately $50 per month).   Purchasing a month’s supply of Shakeology (at a 25% discount) is 90PV for example and you’re done.  Your PV comes from anything you buy yourself (at 25% discount) or your customers purchase from you so technically if you sell at least $50 worth of product per month then you don’t have to buy anything.  But I agree with Team Beachbody’s methodology that you need to use their product in order to be able to explain the benefits of the research they’ve done – you have to be a Product of the Product.  If you don’t believe in the products and use them yourself, how will you recommend them to other people? Plus, their supplements actually taste a whole lot better than any of the other stuff I was using. I love how the Shakeology mixes up so thick and creamy!  It’s like a real ice cream milkshake from Wendy’s!!  Keep in mind that Coaches are never forced to buy anything just to cover the 50 PV, there is no penalty for not being “active”, however, once a Coach reaches Emerald rank or higher, if they are not “active”, they won’t be eligible to earn team cycle bonuses.  If the PV talk, and rank advancement talk kind of confuses you, don’t worry, that is normal.  These are things you can learn as you go. It isn’t important to know the complete ins and outs of the business before you get started.  Most of the specifics you will learn as you go.  I’ve been a Beachbody Coach for years and I’m still learning all of the technicalities.


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So to simplify the Beachbody Coach cost, you just need to know that the price to get started is very low, almost non-existent.  This business opportunity has virtually unlimited income potential and when you compare the start-up costs to that of say, opening a restaurant or a gym/fitness center, with the cost being so low to get started, it makes it a no brainer.  I wanted to open a supplement store for years but I eventually came to realize that I would never be able to afford the start-up costs, so I headed off to university.  I wish I would have known about this opportunity then!  On the flip side, I think because the price is so low to get started, many new Coaches don’t take it seriously because they have so little invested.  You need to treat it like a million dollar investment because of the income potential, but the great thing is that you don’t have to invest a million dollars to get started.  In our profession anyone can leave the bleachers, walk down onto the field, and become a professional – at any time.  It’s all a question of choice and focus.  Anyone can lead, inspire and motivate.

Did I explain the costs clearly? If you still have questions, please contact me and I’d be happy to answer them for you.



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