30 Day Fitness/Nutrition Challenge

Every 4th week of the month I coach a fitness/nutrition challenge.

Challenge groups have been the best way for me to get to know you and to help you on a daily basis.  A challenge group is all done online.  Each participant purchases a fitness challenge pack and commits to drinking Shakeology for at least one meal a day.  In return, I help you with meal planning, grocery shopping, fitness and nutrition advice and staying on track.  We are a team and the motivation and accountability of the group is truly amazing and it really works!






A fitness challenge pack includes:

Fitness Program that is proven to work (this program will be done from home, and will fit right into your lifestyle and schedule and I can help you        choose the right one for you)
Custom Supplemental Meal Plan   (including my favorite Shakeology Recipes too!)
First 30-days worth of Shakeology (flavor of your choice!) Replaces one meal per day to curb your appetite & cravings while improving your overall      health.
Free 30-day trial to Club Membership (access to Beachbody on Demand!)
Support from me as your Coach
Private Online Accountability Group
Eligibilty to win prizes and up to $500 to $100,000  (I won $500 my first challenge group!  Check it out!)


For a detailed description of the challenge packs & fitness programs please check out my Fitness Shop.​


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Challenge Application

If you would like to be considered for my support and accountability group please fill out the information below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.