Why I love the 3 Day Refresh!

People ask me all the time how I stay so consistent with my healthy eating habits.  Well the answer is, I don’t!  I fall off track, I have days or weeks where I eat foods I shouldn’t.  I make cookies and eat the whole batch in one day (cookies are a huge weakness of mine)! Read more about Why I love the 3 Day Refresh![…]

5 Common Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

So you started working out and eating healthier but you’re not losing weight!  Common nutrition mistakes such as drinking your calories or eating too much postworkout may be the reason why you can’t lose weight (or inches) even though you’re giving it your all. Although getting fit isn’t just about the scale, it’s still an Read more about 5 Common Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight[…]

Can B-vitamins Really Boost Your Energy?

B-vitamins are advertised as being extraordinary energy-boosters, but nutrition researchers are less enthusiastic about their benefits. This is a great article about what B-vitamins really do, and how they affect your body. B-vitamin infused energy drinks are an excellent example of what happens when retail companies don’t let science get in the way of making Read more about Can B-vitamins Really Boost Your Energy?[…]

The Health Benefits of Nut Milks

Beverages like almond and coconut milk are becoming more popular. Here’s what you need to know about the nutritional benefits of nut milks. Adding nut milk to your diet “The nutritional properties of plant-based milks depend on the plant source, processing and fortification,” according to a recent study published in Critical Reviews in Food Science Read more about The Health Benefits of Nut Milks[…]

6 Ways to Prevent Cancer

Every year 12.7 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer. It’s the second largest leading cause of death in the United States, exceeded only by heart disease. It kills half a million Americans every year. Globally, more people die from cancer than from AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. The World Health Organization projects that without Read more about 6 Ways to Prevent Cancer[…]