Make your own Thai Hummus with Peanuts

Hummus is a great healthy snack to fuel you through your day. And while you can grab a pre-made container at the store, it’s easy to make your own at home. Homemade hummus is often not only a healthier and cheaper alternative, but you can also get creative and mix up unique flavors like this Read more about Make your own Thai Hummus with Peanuts[…]

Why do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?

If you’re always wondered why men seem to be able to lose weight faster than women, here’s a great article from the Beachbody Blog on why it’s actually true.     Calling all couples! Y’all cook, eat, and exercise together, and maybe you even try to lose weight together, too. If so, you’ve probably experienced this Read more about Why do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?[…]

Lean & Mean After Halloween

I’m looking for 5 people who want to make a big change in their lifestyle and have noticeable results by Christmas!       2017 will be over before you know it and the end of the year is often filled with parties and functions and eating too much and gaining weight.  Before you get Read more about Lean & Mean After Halloween[…]

A Week of CLEAN before Halloween!

  Halloween is coming soon so before we indulge in candy and chocolate let’s earn it! Join our FREE 7-day CLEAN WEEK GROUP with fitness, nutrition and peer support!  You will create new healthy habits and build a daily routine that you can actually stick to.  Be part of our group where we will support Read more about A Week of CLEAN before Halloween![…]

FREE 10 Day Health & Fitness Challenge – starts April 1st!

FREE 10 Day Challenge Du Jour! starts April 1st! . If you are interested please scroll down and fill out the application at the bottom of this page. .   So here’s how the group works. We are all in a private online facebook group and we will be getting all our workouts from Beachbody on Read more about FREE 10 Day Health & Fitness Challenge – starts April 1st![…]

Don’t be Like Most People…

Most people, including myself, grow up trying to fit in because we think that’s what we’re supposed to do.  And it seems natural to want to fit in with everyone else.  We even get reprimanded or made fun of if we try to speak up or be different in school.  But when you grow up, Read more about Don’t be Like Most People…[…]

Banana Mousse

This quick banana mousse recipe makes an unbelievably satisfying dessert or snack. Whipped bananas have a light and creamy texture that can be made into a sweet tooth-satisfying dessert that packs wholesome nutrition. Sweetened with honey and vanilla extract, then mixed with yogurt, it tastes like a light and fluffy pudding. With only 79 calories per serving, you can even eat it Read more about Banana Mousse[…]