What Is The All Access Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack & Membership?


Team Beachbody has just launched a brand new option for its customers and coaches called the All-Access Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack.  The world of technology is changing and we no longer are using DVDs.  No longer do you rent movies from a Blockbuster video store.  It wasn’t that long ago that you would head over to the store and browse the rows and rows of videos to find the one you would watch that night….and remember when the one you wanted was all rented out lol – so frustrating.  Those days are gone and now you don’t even have to leave your house.  Everything is available online right on your computer or TV.

Well, times are changing for health and fitness as well.  It is still the same process to getting healthy and feeling great – you have to put in the work to get the results and there is no quick fix -that hasn’t changed.  But, there are now more options than ever to access the tools that can help you achieve the look and feel that you want!  When I first started doing Beachbody programs over 3 yrs ago, I would pop the DVDs into my DVD player and workout in my living room or basement.  I drank my Shakeology and found support and accountability in my challenge groups and with my team of coaches.  That hasn’t changed for me.  But now, instead of lugging my DVDs around everywhere, we have access to the programs online or through the Beachbody on Demand App and we can stream them directly to our phones, tablets, laptops and Smart TVs.  I resisted it for a while, but it has truly changed everything for me and I can now take ALL of the programs and workouts with me wherever I go, without worrying about DVDs.  I travel a lot and Beachbody on Demand has made it so easy to travel and never miss a workout because the tools are always right at my fingertips!

So What is this New Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack & Membership?

Well it provides total access to every single program available on Beachbody on Demand, plus future releases.  So that means that every single program Beachbody has ever created from P90X, Turbofire, Insanity, 10 Minute Trainer to new ones like Cize, P90X3, Body Beast, PiYo, Country Heat, T25, 22 Minute Hard Corps, Hammer and Chisel, Insanity Max30, 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme, Core De Force and more are on a digital library you can access plus anything new that Beachbody releases you get INSTANT access at no additional charge for an entire 12 months.  That is incredible!!!!

Each fitness program in Beachbody on Demand has the calendar of workouts and what to do when.  Each program has a nutrition guide you can download, tracking sheets – and you have me to help walk you through the program to make sure you are getting the results that you want.  This is not about just starting and completing 1 program, it is about moving through each stage of your journey and entering into a lifestyle of proper nutrition and fitness.


What is included in the NEW All Access Challenge Pack:

  • 1 Year Membership to Beachbody On Demand (BOD) with all content included, plus future releases.
  • Shakeology (choice of 30-day supply on home direct)
  • Portion Fix (includes 7 piece portion control container system, eating guide, large blue container and shaker cup)
  • Business Starter Kit Waived if you choose the coach enrollment option.
  • You get all of this for $199 USD ($231 CAD) for the entire year  (12 months) and there is no monthly fee.

CLICK HERE to purchase the NEW ALL Access Challenge Pack!




If you would like to sign up for the All Access Beachbody on Demand Membership (without the Challenge Pack) for $99.95, you can do that here:

CLICK HERE to purchase the Annual All Access Beachbody on Demand Membership




If you are an existing Beachbody On Demand Customer and you would like to upgrade to the All Access Membership, you can simply complete this form to upgrade to the all access subscription:   www.BODMembershipChange.com



I am thankful that Beachbody, the company that has changed my life and that I stand behind, is constantly thinking about how they can provide the utmost support & accountability to their customers and coaches.  I would consider myself stubborn and resisted the change to the digital world but love that Beachbody didn’t dig in their heels and resist the change but instead embraced it and created this incredible Beachbody On Demand platform that I now love!



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