My Core de Force journey!

This is my Core de Force journey.  Core de Force is a 30 day workout program inspired by kickboxing and mixed martial arts training and there is no equipment required!  I will be doing it in my living room every morning with my girlfriend.  I have always been a “weightlifter/powerlifter” kind of guy so it scares me not to lift any weights for a month but I have heard nothing but amazing things about this program and I think it will really help me blast off the excess fat that I have trouble with (doesn’t everybody!!).  So I told myself I would make a video everyday after my workout and share my thoughts and what it was like, what I liked, what I didn’t, etc.  So here goes…

Oh, if you want more information or details on the actual program or where to buy it or how to join our group so you can do it with us, go here:



Today is Day 1 of the brand new kickboxing program I am doing and here is my before picture. My measurements are taken. I have definitely fallen of track from a couple months ago (pic on the right below) but hey – I’m owning up to it and I’m here to fix that and get back on track. I am being real with you guys and everyone falls off track – especially me with all the Halloween candy around. It doesn’t matter where you are right now – if you make a commitment to yourself, a real honest commitment to yourself with a goal and a plan and a “why,” then you can have whatever results you want. Because true commitments are powerful. You decide beforehand that you will do whatever it takes to reach your goal.


Core de Force MMA Speed // Day 1

Core de Force Day 2 /// Dynamic Strength

Core de Force Day 3 /// MMA Speed

Core de Force Day 4 /// Power Sculpt

Core de Force Day 5 /// MMA Shred

Core de Force Day 8 /// MMA Shred & Core Kinetics

Core de Force Day 9 /// Power Sculpt

Core de Force Day 10 /// MMA Shred & Core Kinetics

Core de Force Day 11 /// Dynamic Strength

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